Welcome to The League Of Fire – Chilli Eating Champions!

30 Oct 2019 - Written By
The League Of Fire is the first ever organisation to well and truly devote itself to promoting the chilli-heads of this world. We want to shine a light on all the brave souls who suffer for our entertainment. Their pain is our pleasure!
Why is Chilli Eating the Best New Extreme Sport Today?

Yes, we call it a sport. Chilli eating is tough. You need immense mental strength and determination to succeed as a top-level chilli eating champion. We are determined to elevate these fierce competitions from an avocation to an official, recognised sport!

And what an entertaining spectacle a chilli eating contest is! Did you see our first ever World Title Belt match between Johnny Scoville and the UK Chilli Queen on July 21st 2019? It was a battle of strength that must be seen to be believed!

How about the non-belt match but with the same extreme rules (we call these the Guildford Cognoscenti Rules) in which the highly regarded chilli chomping machine Atomik Menance battled the World Champion UK Chilli Queen! The drama was absurd!

What other sports of this brutal nature can feature men and women competing as equals? Furthermore, unlike other extreme eating competitions, there is no food being wasted and the contestants can be vegan! Also, consuming chillies is not considered offensive by any religions and there have been many publications declaring the many health benefits of eating chillies!

MOAB One Bar Challenge

So please show your support! Get involved! Our attention is not purely focussed on chilli eating contests, but also the many other painful challenges that exist, such as the Tube Of Terror challenge and the MOAB extreme chocolate bar. These challenges are great because you can enter our ranking system by taking up these challenges too. It may be that you cannot travel to many official competitions but you still like to test yourself against capsaicin! At the current time of writing, we have League Tables for chilli eating contests, the Tube Of Terror and MOAB challenges respectively! There are rules for each so please check out the rules and then, if you are up to it, take up a challenge and be immortalised in the League Of Fire!