LOF WORLD RECORDS Collector’s Cards

Following the phenomenal success of our LOF HEROES Collector’s Cards collection, we are very pleased to announce the launch of a new collection of cards to collect, trade and swap.

This collection will pay homage to our World Record holders and breakers. Anyone who holds any world record for a minimum of one month can be chosen at any time. It will be our way of acknowledging your effort and showing our appreciation by immortalising you in this series – like a certificate of sorts.

This series will be called LOF WORLD RECORDS Collector’s Cards. We hope this will create some more buzz and excitement, keep the momentum and interest going and motivate people.

To make it easier to locate posts by chilli-heads relating to these cards and possible swap opportunities, please remember to use hashtags #loftradingcards #lofheroes #loffriends #lofworld #lof every time you post about these on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, etc., and join our FB group – LOF Community.

  • LOF WORLD RECORDS Collector’s Cards – YOUR OWN x 50 (7-10 days turnaround)

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If you have achieved a League Of Fire World Record (and held it for at least 1 month or more) and would like a card produced to celebrate your momentous achievement please complete the form below with details and a nice pic!

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    Please submit a decent quality photo of your face (NOT a company logo or cartoon/illustration) you’d like used on your card. If you hold multiple records please use a different image each time. Please make sure it is either a jpg, jpeg, or png and the file is no larger than 4MB. Bear in mind the pic will be cropped into 1:1 ratio. *

    Please tick this box to confirm you’re happy for League Of Fire to use your image in the production of the card and for future marketing purposes as stated in the Terms & Conditions. *