LOF HEROES Collector’s Cards

These cards were first introduced in April 2021. They come in some of our challenges and are randomly packed.

They were created to give a feel good factor to say thank you, show our appreciation, build up morale, and generate positivity and smiles!

We were not expecting such an upbeat response and we have been truly blown away. We have had quite a few requests and demands and would like to draw everyone’s attention to this:

Criteria For Your Very Own LOF Hero Card

As long as you are in at least one of our leagues and seen to be active in and promoting League of Fire and supporting the chilli community by buying challenges from us and our partners, you are eligible.

The process of choosing who is carded is completely random as long as you meet the above criteria. It is not dependent on where your placement is in the rankings or where you are based in the world. We want everyone to feel the love and feel included.

We hope to get people engaging, talking and swapping around the world for the cards they desire. Remember, the more you buy and promote, the more we can issue. Thank you and happy card hunting!

To make it easier to locate posts by chilli-heads relating to these cards and possible swap opportunities, please remember to use hashtags #loftradingcards #lofheroes #loffriends #lofworld #lof every time you post about these on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, etc., and join our FB group – LOF Community.

Additionally, the below points are of note: We want to include everybody but for obvious reasons we have to prioritise people who are currently active in LOF and who actively promote it. These are 2 very important points. It would be unfair to give people who submitted say a MOAB or Tube Of Terror back in 2018 or 2019, etc., (and have been inactive since) priority over active members who continually buy our challenges and submit to our leagues.

There are a lot of people who have been very supportive and interactive, spend money in our shop, as well as with our partners in the US, Canada, Australia, NZ, Hungary, Italy, and promote LOF, and so we really must spend our time prioritising them as they will be the ones who will be talking about, promoting, and swapping the cards as opposed to people we haven’t heard from in a couple of years. We hope that sounds fair. These cards take an awful lot of time and money and so we can only design and publish them in DRIVES. The more you buy our shop products, the more cards we can issue.

We’d like to add that there are still a lot of well-loved and adored chilli-heads whose cards have been held back for later releases to keep it all fun and dynamic for all. Please be patient. As you can see, we are mixing it up and not going for the top or most well-known chilli-heads to be the first to be carded. This is to keep it fun and exciting for all members regardless of their standing across the league spectrum. Trading and swapping is encouraged and celebrated in our group – League of Fire Trading Cards.

You asked, we listened

A lot of people have been asking us for more of their cards to give to family and friends. We generally send out a limited number and the rest go in challenges to be collected and traded.

We understand and appreciate that it can take a long while to get a decent no. of your own cards and to help with that, we now have a link in the LOF Shop where you are able to order a set of 50 of your own cards. You will only be able to order if you have been designated a card and you will only be able to order your own. The trading shall still remain the same for you to grow your card collection of all LOF Heroes.

The set will come with a certificate of authenticity which will be signed and dated by LOF Ambassador UK Chilli Queen. Each card will also be numbered and initialled by the UKCQ to maintain authenticity as shown.

We hope that this brings some cheer to those who would like more of their cards to share out.