LOF CLASSICS Collector’s Cards

We are delighted to tell you that we have a 3rd series of Collector’s Cards to join our LOF HEROES and LOF WORLD RECORDS Collector’s Cards collections.

This series will be called LOF CLASSICS Collector’s Cards.

The CLASSICS Collector’s Cards recognise people who completed challenges waaaaaaay back at the LOF’s inception and are still doing challenges today. These will feature their ‘Intro Card’ designs which were actually released digitally, years ago! A huge thank you to everybody who appears on these!

We hope this will create some more buzz and excitement, keep the momentum and interest going and motivate people.

To make it easier to locate posts by chilli-heads relating to these cards and possible swap opportunities, please remember to use hashtags #loftradingcards #lofheroes #loffriends #lofworld #lof every time you post about these on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, etc., and join our FB group – LOF Community.

  • LOF CLASSICS Collector’s Cards – FULL SET of 7

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