NEW LOF Update! Milestone Badges & Follow Features

17 July 2023 - Written By
WOOHOO! It’s been on the cards for a while and it’s finally happened! LOF now has ‘Milestone Badges’!!!!

Yes! You will automatically receive Badges that will appear on your LOF Player Profile for the following achievements:-

  • The Number of Total LOF Points
  • The Number of League Tables you’re in
  • The Number of Challenges Submitted

Each milestone is represented by a coloured badge – there are currently 8 available starting at Bronze, Silver & Gold, then onto Emerald, Sapphire & Ruby all the way to Diamond & Purple Diamond.

Total LOF Points & Seasonal LOF Points are now only updated automatically once every 24 hours – you will be notified by email and your profile should have updated by the following day.

Badges for #All Time LOF Points

Badges for #League Tables

Badges for #Challenges Submitted

Other features in this new LOF update is that now you will be able to ‘Follow’ Players & League Tables and so never miss out on a new submissions from your favourite chilli-heads or LOF Challenges.

Just head over to a Player or League Table and click the ‘Follow’ Button at the top of the page. You’ll then receive a notification every time that Player submits a Challenge or when anyone submits a Challenge on a League Table that you’re following. This will be in the form of an email and the new notification bell at the top right of your screen. If you’ve got a World Record on a League Table you might want to keep tabs in case another Player tries to beat it!

You can see who is following you in your account section as well as keep tabs on which tables & players you’re following. You can ‘Unfollow’ Players & League Tables at any time.

We hope you have fun & enjoy these new features!