New Update to League Of Fire Challenge Rules

26 May 2021 - Written By

We here at the League Of Fire are constantly trying to engender ideas and continuously improve the challenges in our League Tables and make the whole experience for our competitive Chilli Heads as fun and fair as can be.

Every now and then rules need to be introduced or changed, either to an individual challenge or a blanket rule change, that covers all the challenges we feature. If & when we decide there needs to be a change, it is normally because we listen to our supporters. After all, it is the hundreds of Chilli Heads around the world taking part and helping construct the warrior spirit of the LOF, who deserve to be heard.

Let us not forget, the LOF is still only a couple of years old. If we consider the English Premier League in football (or soccer to our friends across the Atlantic), it is evident that even a BILLION dollar industry must in fact change their rules and procedures from time to time. An excellent example of this is the handball rule, which changed in English Premier League football halfway through the season just passed. So, naturally, we ask people to be understanding when this type of decision is needed.

The LOF has decided, after concerns were raised by some of our competitive Chilli Heads, (in addition to eating or drinking liquids), to introduce a complete ban on VAPING, SMOKING and/or ingestion of any type of painkillers, medication or substance that may be perceived as effectively numbing pain DURING a LOF challenge, (including BURN TIME), from this date (26th May 2021) onwards.

Importantly, just as in the football example, any competitor who adopted the newly banned behaviour BEFORE the ‘rule change’ would have done so completely innocently and without any need for retrospective inquiry. For example, a team that benefited from the old handball rule in football would have not had the result overturned AFTER a rule change came into force.

Consequently, any competitor who did smoke tobacco or any other substance, vape or take any kind of medication during a challenge prior to this date will not be discriminated against as the rules did not include any notice of this until now.

Thank you for reading this important update. We will not be accepting any submissions for ANY challenges from this date forward if a competitor has breached this new rule.

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