League Of Fire Official Chilli Eating Contest Festival Guide 2021

16 Jun 2021 - Written By

Recently, the League Of Fire received some really exciting news.

The guys from the famous FOODIES FESTIVAL team have been in touch and we are delighted to announce that they hope to stage 30 chilli eating contests at various locations across the UK this summer!

Our NEW League Of Fire events guide is the ONLY place to get all the dates and details of festivals featuring League Of Fire chilli eating contests & spicy challenges. Not only do we have the Foodies Festival in our calendar, but also an Old Agness Store Crunchy Challenge event AND an official LOF Chilli Eating contest taking place in HUNGARY! Courtesy of our new Hungarian team member Ferenc ‘GibbonRike’ Potocki.

This exciting news from the Foodies Festival team means there will be opportunities for people who are seasoned chilli eaters, as well as newbies brave enough to satisfy their intrigue, to attend a contest and enjoy a great summer festival at a nearby location. The festivals span the length and breadth of the UK, from Edinburgh to Brighton!

A Chilli Eating Contest from Oxford Foodies Festival in 2017

We can’t wait to see how YOU handle a real FRESH POD traditional chilli eating contest! It was these competitions – and more specifically the record breaking exploits of the UK Chilli Queen – that inspired us to create the League OF Fire. And the Queen herself has promised to attend as many of the Foodies Festival events as possible, so you now have a chance to share the stage with an absolute chilli chomping legend!