Chilli Gaz – Chugging For Charity!

28 July 2021 - Written By

This must be the most ironic charity event that ever happened – A crazy chilli challenge by a  Kiwi called Chilli Gaz hurting himself immensely to raise money for… BIRDS (which, of course, do not feel the dreadfully painful effects of capsaicin)!

On July 4th 2021, a man with the most famous moustache in the global chilli community decided to raise money for the Oxford Bird Rescue Charitable Trust, a rehabilitation dedicated facility in Canterbury (NZ) for Birds of Prey. Before you do anything else, please check out their website by clicking the button below where you can find the necessary links to donate some money in honour of Chilli Gaz!

Oxford Bird Rescue Charitable Trust

So what did Gaz do? What challenge did he decide would cause him to suffer so much for our entertainment that we would feel compelled to respond to his call to action and donate the Oxford Bird Rescue in his honour? What could possibly cause Chilli Gaz this much pain?

Chilli Gaz suffering a brutal ‘aftermath’ for his charitable cause!

Anybody who has attempted this challenge will certainly agree, the official League Of Fire Chug Challenge Version 2 is no joke. And Gaz didn’t just do one, no, no, no… Gaz poured 2 bottles of this dreaded challenge down his neck in succession, adhering to the ‘Hot Shots’ method of consumption!

After the challenge, Gaz wrote on his Facebook page: “That, was a veryyyyy tough challenge. The gut pain after the first 2 shots was unbearable, I know there was a little bit left in that 3rd shot, but I’m sure nobody will hold it against me lol. 4 shots was absolute death. I was in some serrrrrrrious blinding pain. Any competitive chilli eater will tell you, after a comp or a challenge, you can’t let your body digest it and you need to get it out with a tactical vom… This one I couldn’t bring up and it was a scary thought… After 20 or 30 minutes in a warm shower and nearly 2ltrs of milk, I didn’t have a choice in the matter, it alllll came up and burnt all over again ??.”

Chilli Gaz taking a courageous last breath before starting the challenge!

One thing we really appreciated about Gary’s charitable chug, was that, as he explained in his video, he was doing this for charity and not for competition. This encapsulates a message we have always tried to convey to our supportive competitors: You do not have to be NUMBER 1!

We love that chilli eating is becoming an extreme sport and herald the warriors who have that competitive spirit to set world records and win competitions, but ANYBODY can enjoy the League Of Fire. And this is perfectly demonstrated by our friend down under Chilli Gaz. We are honoured he chose our official challenge for this charitable event!

You can watch Chilli Gaz in action below, but please be warned there is some, OK, A LOT, of bad language! Adults only please!

The Official Chug Challenge V2 was a limited production and has now sold out. If you would like to test yourself against one of our chug challenges, we do have the original Chug Challenge Version 1 in stock.