Introducing Lee ‘The South Coast Satan’ Alton

8 Nov 2019 - Written By
  1. When was your first ever chilli-eating contest?

My 1st contest was in 2013; I came 4th. I got hiccups after round 8 and brought up the last chilli meaning I was out! I get hiccups all the time and it has been a worry since that day but I’ve not brought up my chilli since.

  1. What made you want to do more? Most people will not go back after the pain.

I knew I could do better if it wasn’t for the hiccups, so I went back and became joint-winner. You don’t think about the pain but once you start a competition it all comes back and you do ask yourself ‘what am I doing’ but it’s all good. I enjoy it.

  1. What is the funniest/weirdest thing you have ever seen at a chilli-eating contest, as a spectator or a contestant?

Has to be other contestants; seeing big 6’4″ blokes puffing out their chests at the start and by round 3, their heads are in a bucket!

  1. What is your favourite chilli?

I do really like the chocolate habaneros.

  1. What’s your favourite hot sauce?

I have a few favs. Da Bomb Ground Zero is probably my favourite; I put it on everything but I’ve recently got a taste for a sauce called the God Slayer from the Wiltshire Chilli Farm that’s rated at 6.4 million scoville oleoresin. Da Bomb has a harder hit and God Slayer has a longer burn but both have very different tastes. Also, Ghost Ship from Spice Island Chilli is a great tasting hot sauce that you treat more like a sauce.

  1. What country and town do you represent; where do you live basically?

I’m from Portsmouth which is right on the South Coast of England.

  1. Who is your favourite chilli-head (can be in or out of the community) and why?

It has to be Atomic Menace – the way he eats the amount of chillies he eats with no facial reaction is insane! We all feel it and show it and battle on but being up against someone who doesn’t seem to react to the hot chilli is not what you want to see when you are in a competition.

  1. We noticed you have gone up against a couple of champions like The Hat and the UK Chilli Queen – do you prefer joint-wins or do you think it is better to have tie-break rounds to determine the sole winner?

I’ve been up against The Hat twice and both times we came out joint-winners; he’s a top bloke who can put them away but we never had the chance to see who would come out on top if the comp. continued. If it were a speed round, I’d be confident of a win because he is not a fast eater but he can put them away so round after round? Who knows. With the UK Chilli Queen, it’s no secret that she can put them away and at a pace as well; I’ve been on the wrong end of that with Shahina. So to answer the question, I think it’s always best to have a winner but I’d happily have a comp. end after 15 rounds in a draw with Shahina.

  1. Are you involved in the chilli community?

I enjoy chilli festivals and taking part in contests and like my hot sauces but since going up against the UK Chilli Queen, Shahina, last week, I have been invited into various chilli groups on Facebook which is pretty cool. I hadn’t realised until now that there was this whole world out there for chilli-enthusiasts and so I look forward to becoming a part of the chilli community scene with like-minded individuals with whom I can share my interests. I am very happy for this recognition after many years of competing – thanks to Shahina and thanks to you guys at League of Fire.

  1. Will you enter any more contests in the future – YES or NO?

Definitely YES!