The Official Chug Challenge v4 & ‘League Of Fire Presents’: The Scoville Slammer

30 November 2021 - Written By

Chug Challenge v4

Today is a really exciting day for the League Of Fire. The new Chug Challenge v4 and the brutal Scoville Slammer hot sauce challenges are available in our shop from today!

The Official Chug Challenge v4!

This is the latest creation in the series from Sam and Stephen Dixon, owners of Hot Pods Chilli Products. This has been flavoured to suit the current time of year, as we head into the festive season. The winter-spiced Valencian orange makes us feel ‘Christmassy’, and the 38% per bottle of blistering Red Naga peppers should give anybody brave enough to attempt this challenge a comforting seasonal glow!

The rules and world-ranking points for this much-loved challenge are the same as before and can be found in our shop description and on the soon-to-be published League Table page! However, this product is made by an exceptional, award-winning hot sauce producer and we feel this sauce can also be enjoyed on food and savoured as a condiment as well! If you decide to use this in any festive recipes, on seasonal food or as part of a heart-warming Yuletide drink, then please let us know! This could really be delightful added to some heavenly mulled wine! (Now we just have to step away to make a cuppa!) We hope you love it as much as we do!

League Of Fire Presents: The Scoville Slammer!

The Scoville Slammer

Perhaps more of a nightmare before Christmas, this is a second hot sauce challenge in our ‘League Of Fire Presents’ series of chug challenges. After the huge success of the Killer Queen Chug Challenge, which sold out much quicker than we expected, we could not resist another hardcore challenge – this time in honour of Johnny ‘The Savage’ Scoville.

Johnny has always been close to our hearts. He and The UK Chilli Queen’s famous Trilogy of Cognoscenti Rules Chilli-Eating Belt Matches will never be forgotten and laid the foundations for the League Of Fire to become well-known.

Indeed, Johnny has been an inspiration to many chilli-heads around the world and is truly a pioneer in the global chilli community.

The creator, Marc Elliott who owns Flavour Before Fire, was instrumental in helping Johnny travel to the UK in 2019 to attend the Tyne Burner chilli festival. Consequently, it was a given that he created this challenge. Marc’s passion for delectable chilli products and his huge contribution to the chilli community in the UK (he organises the annual Tyne Burner festival in Newcastle and the chilli-zone at the Festival By The Sea) meant that we did not hesitate to offer this project to him. It has been an honour to work with Marc!

Marc Elliott, creator of The Scoville Slammer!

As per usual, the rules, points and details relating to the Scoville Slammer can be found on the shop page and the soon-to-be published League Table page on the League Of Fire website. We did have to put a little bit of thought into this challenge, regarding the points to be awarded. All of us at the League Of Fire listen to feedback and read the views of chilli-heads on social media as much as we can. We are continuously trying to improve. There is no doubt in our minds that, heat-wise, the Slammer is worthy of 9 points! It is BRUTAL and there will be HUGE bragging rights directed at anybody brave enough to even attempt this crazy challenge!

However, there are certain variables that exist in different challenges that persuaded us to reconsider the points for this challenge. For example, if we consider the Nemesis chocolate bar challenge – that is also 9 points and extremely difficult. But crucially, the sheer size of the chocolate bar, and the weight and challenge time, mean there will be a limit to the number of Nemesis bars that can be completed in one sitting.

However, with a challenge like the Scoville Slammer, there is a relatively small volume to be consumed (as well as a relatively short 4-minute per challenge time constraint) and if a competitor can conquer a challenge like this, other variables that limit the number of challenges that can be consumed ‘back-to-back’ are not in force. Basically, a brutal 4-minute, low-volume challenge lends itself to the prospect of a very select few people doing 15 or 20 back-to-back challenges which can subsequently  build up a huge, disproportionate imbalance in points between the competitors in the world rankings’ system. For this reason, even though the heat of the Slammer is certainly worthy of 9 points, we have decided to lower the points for the challenges in this series from now on. We never imagined anyone being able to do upwards of 10 of this brutal series and how wrong we were; you guys are hard-core!. We learn and we evolve!

Hopefully, this explanation makes sense to the great competitors that make the LOF what it is. The LOF team endeavours to take participants’ views into consideration and the sentiments about the points’ system and designation of points have been a subject that has caused some contention.

Henceforth, the League Of Fire have decided to award 7 points for each Scoville Slammer completed, and bonus points in increments of 1 (rather than 2) for each challenge completed thereafter in the same sitting.

Finally, THANK YOU to all of you great chilli-heads! You motivate us to make improvements and continue our hard work. We consider chilli challenges as a new extreme sport. Not many people on the planet can do these challenges and we are in admiration of you all!