Rummy Bears ENDURANCE – Thoughts from a Chilli Challenger!

29 April 2021 - Written By

Cem ‘Caliente’ Dervish


My name is Cem pronounced like Gem. I have been growing chillies for a number of years and enjoy all thing spicy. I just love doing challenges, as it’s a personal battle to succeed and beat personal bests. Other than my love for spice, I enjoy eating challenges too. If there is a speed eating contest I’m there. I also write blogs for the League of Fire, taking people through my challenge journey.

Rummy Bears & Henry’s Hot Sauce present a brand new collaboration challenge – ENDURANCE.

100ml of 35% Carolina Reaper sauce with added strawberries, apple and lime. This challenge is to be consumed using the bespoke collectible stainless steel Rummy Bears engraved spoon provided for the challenge.

One spoonful every 30 seconds until the bottle is empty, then simply wait out a two-minute afterburn.

Now ladies and gentlemen we all know Dave Doran the creator of The Rummy Bears ReapersThe Psycho Bear. For those who want to be reminded, the bears that had you rolling around on the kitchen floor begging for forgiveness. I still wake up in the middle of the night, sweat dripping from my brow, thinking I heard someone opening a packet of those Rummy Bears!

Yes Chef! Shawn Overthrow, the creator of the Henry’s and Oscar’s sauce range, famous for Purple Haze, No Smoke without fire and Rebellions by Nature BBQ sauces to name a few. Shawn clearly knows his flavour combinations and which sauce pairs well with which meal type. His knowledge for chillies is remarkable which translates into his deep range of sauces. A wizard at work!

The Endurance Challenge, don’t be fooled by the gentle fruit of the strawberry combined with apple and the citrus elements of lime, it has brought its friend along to the party – The Carolina Reaper. When I heard this was in the making my instant thought was ……… 35% OF WHAT??!?? The challenge may read easy, but sat on my chair, spoon in hand, pouring sauce into a spoon every 30 seconds, not forgetting the 35% Carolina Reaper burn is no mean feat.

The Endurance challenge tests not only the mind but body (mouth to stomach) from the first mouthful to the last – then the dreaded 2 minute afterburn. The first spoonful entered my mouth, I smiled as I could taste the strawberry, that honeymoon ended as the reaper followed. The cap, which sat neatly on my head, came off. I fell silent (uncharacteristic of me), I must add I’m not a fan of the reaper but Shawn has masked it quite well allowing the strawberry to linger throughout the challenge experience. With each mouthful the heat rose, this was truly endurance. 30 seconds felt like 10 seconds as I carefully pouring the next spoonful while the grip of the reaper increased. The last spoonful was a welcomed relief as I could now enter the afterburn zone. Increased heart rate, sweat beads forming, sinus cavities draining – at that point physical time slowed down, the space-time continuum became distorted, and I could see no movement in the seconds. Deep breaths pulled me through – challenge completed.

I have since ordered another challenge and cannot wait to test myself again. I would like to thank Shawn Overthrow and Dave Doran for this opportunity to launch this outstanding product. Also a special mention to the master timer keeper Jif The Fireman for hosting and this event and my fellow challengers: Joe Andrews, Heather Wright & Dean Marshall for making this launch a successful one.