Can you ENDURE the latest RUMMY BEARS Challenge?

22 February 2020 - Written By
Rummy Bears

It was just over 12 months ago when Rummy Bears – The Adult Candy Company launched their first product, Rummy Bears Reapers. It would take some time and some awesome reviews from extreme Chilliheads such as Edda ‘The Ice Lady’ and James ‘The Scots Bonnet’ Nixon to bring Rummy Bears to the attention of League of Fire.


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As Covid reared it’s ugly head, shipping and production issues slowed down Rummy Bears but the enthusiasm for creating nasty challenges never died. Rummy Bears released a second challenge product The Psycho Bear just before Christmas.

Constantly striving to inflict maximum pain where possible, Rummy Bears started to look to hot sauce makers for a collaboration challenge. The evil genius behind Rummy Bears reached out to the creative genius behind Flavour & Fire (Formerly Henry’s Hot Sauce) and Endurance was born over time.

Originally created as a “Chug” challenge, Rummy Bears wanted to bring something new and different to the League of Fire tables and so 30 seconds of torture was the concept agreed upon. One spoonful of Endurance every 30 seconds until the bottle is empty. Then simply wait out a two minute afterburn.

To keep it fair and consistent for all challengers, Rummy Bears has included an amazing bespoke collectible stainless steel engraved spoon with each bottle of Endurance.

No extract or Rummy Bears where harmed during the production of Endurance. Shawn the master craftsman has combined Carolina Reaper with Fresh Juice and wild strawberries to deliver an outstanding challenge that will surely push even the most seasoned League of Fire Challengers to their limits. Not everyone will have the Endurance to finish this Challenge.

Sons of Fire kindly agreed to host the launch event where we saw five unfortunate Challengers from the UK being to be the first to open and try the Endurance Challenge.

Endurance is available now from Flavour & Fire and League of Fire as well as Old Agness Store in the USA and Heating up the Capitol in Canada.

Special thanks to Cem Dervish, Heather Wright, Dean Marshall, Angus Bates and Joe ‘Chilli Cuber’ for volunteering to launch Endurance.

We hope you all “enjoy” this new challenge. We will certainly enjoy watching you suffer through it!