MOAB GOLD – Thoughts from a Chilli Challenger!

8 March 2021 - Written By
Cem ‘Caliente’ Dervish

Cem ‘Caliente’ Dervish

Three words spring to mind – Creamy, White, Goodness!

  • M.O.A.B. GOLD (Mother Of All Bars) – Willy Pete’s Chocolate Co.

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We all know Willy Pete’s for his outstanding range of handcrafted chocolates, each cleverly named by terminology used in the armed forces. Willy Pete specialises in unique flavour combinations with his home grown spicy peppers.

This bar is a calling to all ‘White Chocolate Lovers’, who enjoy that kick from the world famous Carolina Reaper (which is infused within the white chocolate) and ground Trinidad Scorpion (combined within the caramel). I bowed down to the calling and purchased the Holy Grail of all white chocolate bars – The MOAB GOLD.

Knowing that this was a challenge bar set for speed it played right into my hands – I love white chocolate! I had previously tackled the Original MOAB bar – made with dark chocolate – setting a time of 4 minutes 33 and seconds.

The rules are quite simple; keep the bar in view at all times, have a timer at hand, no food or drink to be consumed during the challenge and finally eat the bar as quickly and as safely as you can. I have found that participating in challenges is best completed with another like-minded chilli head – so up stepped Paul Jones.

Paul and I push one another to achieve greater heights in challenges, but keeping an air of friendly competition. 3,2,1 and Go! Taking the first bite sent my taste buds in a whirl – I was in awe of this bar. The white chocolate can only be described as heavenly and the caramel was thick (not what we in the UK are used to) and scrumptious. I wanted to press pause on life and savour this moment. Maybe even shed a tear at the greatness that I was devouring.

Paul showed his calm and collective Yorkshire manner, where I was gnawing at the bar like an American Pitbull trying for that elusive 1 extra point bonus. Paul clocked his personal best with an official time of 3 minutes 21 seconds, shaving 12 seconds off his own record, placing him 15th in the league. I came in moments later with an official time of 3 minutes 44 seconds, smashing my own record by 49 seconds, placing me at 23rd in the league.

I would recommend that you buy 2 bars, one to complete the challenge like you are being chased by a pack of wild hungry dogs. The other to lean back in your favourite arm chair, with your drink of choice placed carefully at your side, pondering the magnitude of joy with each bite.

One not to be missed.