HEART OF FIRE – Chilli Toffee Challenge League Table

The HEART OF FIRE is the world’s first ever Chilli Toffee Challenge and the world’s HOTTEST toffee!
  • Made with SUGAR & LOVE by the Toffee Hut in Mansfield, UK, this is for the bravest of the brave!
  • A sumptuous hand-made heart-shaped vegan toffee infused with Carolina Reaper, Scorpion & Ghost Peppers, smothered in dark vegan chilli chocolate and finished off with a dusting of dried super-hot chilli flakes.
  • Have YOU got the HEART to be a chilli challenge HERO?
  • FREE limited edition LOF collector’s card in each one!
  • Visit toffeehut.co.uk to discover a variety of artisan toffee products.

    LOF Rules:-
    • No food or drink (or any other form of relief; ie smoking, vaping, medication etc) for the duration of the challenge.
    • You must video your challenge without edits & remain on camera at all times until the challenge is complete.
    • Read the SHORT disclaimer found at the bottom of leagueoffire.com/disclaimer clearly into the camera.
    • The Heart of Fire must be opened from a SEALED packet on screen and remain on screen until fully consumed.
    • The Heart of Fire can be chewed or sucked – it MUST NOT be swallowed whole!
    • After fully consuming, show an empty mouth then begin a 4 minute afterburn.
    • After the 4 minutes is up you have completed the challenge.
    • If you’re brave enough you can now try another one!
      LOF World Ranking Points:
      • 6 points per HEART OF FIRE consumed

      *Extra Bonus Points in ascending order for each consecutive HEART OF FIRE consumed in one sitting (observing the 4 min afterburn between each one):

      • 2 bonus points for the 2nd toffee;
      • 4 bonus points for the 3rd toffee;
      • 6 bonus points for the 4th toffee and so on