Thorsten S. ‘on fire’


I´m me a sparetime-loving, environmentally-friendly nature-enthusiast. Long-distance swimmer and cyclist. Computer-fanatic, DJ, and Logical realist.

I like cooking, eating hot chilis, mixing electronic music, being philosophical and pushing myself beyond my limits.

All about being “on fire!”

German translation: Ich bin Freizeitliebhaber, Naturfreund, Umweltschoner, Langstreckenschwimmer, Langstreckenradfahrer, Computerfanatiker, DJ und Logiker – Mein Ziel ist es immer mich so weit über die Grenzen meiner Komfortzone zu schleudern wie überhaupt möglich.

Es muss brennen !!!

Originally born in Windhoek, Namibia, now living in Vienna, Austria (since 2014).

Austria is not much of a hot-chili-kinda place, so I can only associate with other chili-heads online.

Choose Life!

From – Vienna, Austria

Favourite Chilli – Bhut Jolokia