The World’s First Interactive Online Chilli Festival

22 April 2020 - Written By

Alex 'Juan Cheep' Beames


Half of Alex and Vikki Chilli Reviews on YouTube. Part of the NEUK Chilli-heads Admin team on Facebook. Usually found at chilli festivals trying anything in a taster pot, or helping dish out the rounds in chilli eating competitions!

Wow, what a few weeks this has been!

Yesterday, I held test calls with producers in Australia, Canada, America and the UK. It really hit home at that point, that this is happening – The World’s First Interactive Online Chilli Festival on Saturday 25th April from 10am – 8pm UK time!

I won’t lie to you, it has been a challenge, getting it organised in three weeks has been demanding – I work a full-time day job as well, so when I finished that, I worked on this. But it is happening and it will be the start of something completely new and different. Perhaps others will take the idea and run with it for other types of festivals, no reason why they can’t make it work too.

Will there be problems on the day? Probably. We are reliant on the internet and connections all working well, there are people involved which always introduces that unknown quantity of risk, someone could be unwell on the day, or something could happen that means they can’t be there for their time. I’m realistic enough to know that not all plans go as intended on occasion, but if I could choose a team of people to face any challenges with, it would be the people that are taking part in this.

The level of support that I have received from the chilli community has been fantastic. People getting in contact to see what they can do to add to the experience. Friends and members of NEUK sharing the event in their social networks have been amazing. Keep sharing it around folks, all the way up to Saturday!

I look forward to seeing many of you there (virtually of course!) in the chat, and maybe even some of you will pop up for tasting in the stream. It will be a great day of entertainment and the chilli world showing everyone else that we refuse not to have fun, even if we can’t get together in one geographical place, we will keep on burning!

20 Producers, 10 hours, 9 challengers, all that is missing is you. >>> JOIN US <<<