The UNBEARABLE One – Thoughts from a Chilli Challenger!

6 March 2023 - Written By

Cem ‘Caliente’ Dervish


My name is Cem pronounced like Gem. I have been growing chillies for a number of years and enjoy all thing spicy. I just love doing challenges, as it’s a personal battle to succeed and beat personal bests. Other than my love for spice, I enjoy eating challenges too. If there is a speed eating contest I’m there. I also write blogs for the League of Fire, taking people through my challenge journey.

Are you up for a challenge that will satisfy your taste buds and leave you feeling like a champion? Look no further than the “Un-Bear-Able” Rice Cereal Challenge Wafer.

This unique culinary creation combines the softness of rice cereal with the crunch of a wafer and the sweetness of marshmallow, but don’t be fooled by its innocent appearance. A Carolina Reaper pepper lurks within, waiting to ignite your taste buds with its fiery heat.

I must admit, the burn arrived earlier than expected, but it didn’t detract from the overall flavor. The heat gradually increased and peaked during the first minute before subsiding towards the end of the challenge. On a scale of 1 to 10, I would rate the heat level at a manageable 2.

If you’re new to the world of spicy food challenges, this is a perfect entry point. The taste of the wafer is so delicious that you might even forget you’re being challenged. Take on the “Un-Bear-Able” Rice Cereal Challenge Wafer and prove that you can handle the heat.