NEW LEAGUE TABLE ALERT! The LOF Says THANK YOU to The ‘US Chili Queen’ Bella from Heat 101!

15 May 2020 - Written By

For quite some time now we have been in discussions with the wonderful US Chili Queen Bella about something very special. This is something that Bella has been very passionate about and has been extremely proactive in promoting recently.

Bella was involved with the Spoonful’s Of Terror Challenge in which she and several other of her fellow chilli-heads suffered through multiple Tubes Of Terror to raise money for the animals affected by the wildfires in Australia earlier this year. Now, she is, as we understand here at the LOF, the very first person to take on the NEW Choco Challenge 2.0 – White Lightning by Fuego Box!

Check out Heat 101’s video and as Bella says, ‘It’s such a goooood white chocolate… Every time I breath out, or close my mouth, it’s like, completely on fire again’!

This is significant because it is indicative of Bella’s big heart and enthusiasm to get involved with anything that is related to, or in partnership with, a good cause. This new challenge from Fuego Box is important because they have teamed up with Feeding America, a charity organisation in the US that promises to donate 50 meals to people and families across America who are hungry and in need of food. You can read more about this great cause >>here<<.

We here at the LOF and the US Chili Queen Bella are in agreement that by adding a NEW League Table for the Choco Challenge 2.0, we can hopefully encourage more people to participate in the challenge and appeal to all the wonderful chilli-heads who have the competitive nature! The message is clear… Can you win the Choco Challenge 2.0 League Table? If you try, you will be helping Bella and Fuego Box and all those other great people involved with this production in their goal of generating more money for a great cause.

The Choco Challenge 2.0 White Lightning LOF World Ranking Points

This challenge is simple. Eat the chocolate on camera and you have completed the challenge. As always, we would like you to stick around on camera for a few minutes and let us know what you think of the delightful flavours and glorious heat! But there is no official burn time for this challenge. If you eat the chocolate you will receive 1 LOF World Ranking Point.

There will be extra bonus points in ascending order for each consecutive 10 chocolates you eat in one sitting!

  • 1 bonus point for the 10th bar;
  • 2 bonus points for the 20th bar;
  • 3 bonus points for the 30th bar and so on.

Good luck with this one you amazing chilli-heads!