Mr. Brad Worden vs CaJohn’s TROUBLE BUBBLE Challenge


CaJohn’s Trouble Bubble Gum has been carefully crafted to contain Pure 16 Million Scoville Extract.

Making this the HOTTEST Bubble Gum on Planet Earth! Can you chew a piece of CaJohn’s Trouble Bubble Gum long enough to blow a single bubble? This is not for wimpy people, the elderly, children, pets, or people with heart conditions or excessive sweating problems.

Challenge instructions: Try to blow the biggest bubble that you can without spitting anything out… spitters are quitters!

  • Once you’ve blown a bubble you have completed the challenge!
  • If you want to go for more LOF points you can open another packet and start chewing another piece of gum (ON TOP of what you’re already chewing!)
  • Keep chewing until you’re able to blow another bubble.

Check out the TROUBLE BUBBLE Challenge League Table.