TROUBLE BUBBLE Challenge League Table

CaJohn’s Trouble Bubble Gum has been carefully crafted to contain Pure 16 Million Scoville Extract.

Making this the HOTTEST Bubble Gum on Planet Earth! Can you chew a piece of CaJohn’s Trouble Bubble Gum long enough to blow a single bubble? This is not for wimpy people, the elderly, children, pets, or people with heart conditions or excessive sweating problems.

Challenge instructions: Try to blow the biggest bubble that you can without spitting anything out… spitters are quitters!

Consume at your own risk and handle with extreme caution! With over 16 Million Scoville Units in your mouth, how much trouble will you have blowing that bubble!?

Try if you DARE! How many chews can you withstand before blowing that bubble? PRO TIP: Chew very quickly!

    LOF Rules:-
    • No food or drink (or any other form of relief; ie smoking, vaping, medication etc) for the duration of the challenge.
    • You must video your challenge without edits & remain on camera at all times until the challenge is complete.
    • Read the SHORT disclaimer found at the bottom of clearly into the camera.
    • The Trouble Bubble must be opened from a SEALED packet on screen and remain on screen until placed in your mouth.
    • Chew the single piece of gum long enough to be able to blow a bubble. NO SPITTING!
    • Once you’ve blown a bubble you have completed the challenge!
    • If you want to go for more LOF points you can open another packet and start chewing another piece of gum (ON TOP of what you’re already chewing!)
    • Keep chewing until you’re able to blow another bubble.
      LOF World Ranking Points:
      • 6 points per piece of Trouble Bubble chewed and single bubble blown.

      *Extra Bonus Points in ascending order for each CONSECUTIVE Trouble Bubble chewed and single bubble blown ON TOP of the previous one:

      • 1 bonus points for the 2nd piece;
      • 2 bonus points for the 3rd piece;
      • 3 bonus points for the 4th piece and so on

      Please note: Bonus points will NOT be awarded for multiple pieces chewed in 1 go and will be regarded as just 1 piece. Also, you can blow as many bubbles as you like between pieces however there are no additional bonus points awarded for multiple bubbles.


      • TROUBLE BUBBLE – CaJohns 16 Million SHU Bubble Gum Challenge

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