How to create a League of Fire Account & Submit Challenges

23 February 2024 - Written By

Jeremy ‘Heisenburn’ Rubio


I have loved spicy foods essentially my whole life, though over the past couple of years I've transitioned to a full-fledged chili head. Fresh pods, hot sauce, challenges- I can't get enough!

Hi! Welcome to the League of Fire!

We are thrilled that you are here, and we can’t wait to have you start burning with us. Before you do, you will want to create a League of Fire profile. This video will walk you through the few, simple steps for how to do so.

Once you have created your League of Fire profile, you will, of course, want to start doing some challenges and racking up some points! This video will explain how to record your challenges and how to upload them to the LOF site so that you can earn points.