Grumpy Granny Apple Chip Challenge


This hand-made tasty treat has been created by Inked Gardener LLC in Oklahoma, USA!

This has been created with FLAVOUR at the forefront of mind but do not worry about heat! This will burn you up! Delicious organic Gala apples and extreme pepper dust combine to combust!

Take note: This product is fired up by the prestigious ‘Pepper D’ superhot chilli which is currently, at the time of writing, in the application process with Guinness to be crowned as the official new world’s hottest pepper!

Each chip consumed will earn you 3 LOF World Ranking Points. Bonus point will be awarded for every 3rd Chip consumed in one sitting!

Challenge Rules:
  • No food, drink or relief while attempting the challenge.
  • Open the bag ON CAMERA and record WITHOUT EDITS
  • You have 2 minutes to consume the entire contents of the bag
  • Endure a 5 minute afterburn
  • Congratulations you have completed the challenge
  • Repeat as necessary!
LOF World Ranking Points:
  • 3 points per Chip

*Extra Bonus Points in ascending order for each consecutive 3 Chips eaten in one sitting:

  • 1 bonus point for the 3rd Chip;
  • 2 bonus points for the 6th Chip;
  • 3 bonus points for the 9th Chip and so on
Additional rules effective from 15 March 2023:
  • No spitting or drooling – if you’re producing saliva, make sure you swallow it!
  • No waiting in excess of 1 minute after burn time during back-to-back challenges.
  • No covering of mouth with tissue/napkin or some such. Wiping of face, nose, and/or mouth is acceptable.
Position Name # Chips Eaten #Additional Attempts # Total Points
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Grumpy Granny Apple Chip Challenge Vids