Bunsters SHIT THE BED Chilli Chocolate


  • Produced by: Bunsters – Perth, Australia
  • At last! The internet’s most famous hot sauce now has a mate!
  • Velvety smooth Belgian Chocolate, Coconut Oil, Whole Vanilla Bean, Scorpion Chilli
  • Goes great with coffee
  • Imagine having chilli, chocolate & caffeine all in one mouth watering hit!
  • Size: 100g

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  • Finally a luxuriously decadent chilli chocolate that is so hot – it will melt in the mouth and then swiftly melt your insides
  • Gorgeous velvety smooth Belgian chocolate, blended with whole vanilla bean, coconut oil and a heap of Scorpion chilli mean this is the world’s first luxury chilli chocolate that is also incredibly hot.
  • At 10 times hotter than the regular 7/10 chilli chocolate (We currently only stock the 12/10 Shit the Bed Chocolate) this one is not for the piss weak. A hit with hard core chilli lovers, nutjobs and people who love pranking their colleagues and family members. There isn’t a chocolate on the planet that is more entertaining than Shit the Bed Chilli Chocolate.
  • 56% cocoa makes this chocolate not quite milk and not quite dark, it’s just right. For the discerning nut-job who’s sick of every bastard at work or home stealing his chocolate. The mix of this chocolate is so perfect it has to be tasted to be believed.
  • We can honestly say that this is the most delicious chili chocolate you will ever taste. Two years in production, Bunster scoured the globe for the finest ingredients to make this chocolate a reality. We are proud to finally bring it to you.
  • Please note that white-ish marks on the chocolate are called “bloom” and are completely normal on high quality chocolate that does not contain waxes and other stabilisers. These additives affect the taste, mouthfeel and therefore overall quality of the chocolate so Bunsters doesn’t use them.

Ingredients: Velvety smooth Belgian Chocolate, Coconut Oil, Whole Vanilla Bean, Scorpion Chilli.