Steve ‘Heat My Shorts’ Gillespie


I have been actively ‘Chasing The Heat’ for a little over a year now. I grew and ate my first Superhot Peppers in 2020. Ghost, Reaper, Scorpion and Chocolate Bhutlah; as well as all sorts of Cayenne, Habanero, Scotch Bonnet and Aji peppers.

After learning how much Capsaicin can help my chronic back pain, I’ve decided to start my own Spice Journey and YouTube channel. I made a friend in Johnny Scoville and was introduced into this awesome community of Pepperheads!

I quickly realized that my heat tolerance was a little above average amongst my friends, so I’ve decided to take-on a few challenges to test myself and get my name out there!

From – Kamloops, BC, Canada

Favourite Chilli – Scorpion