Sarcastic Storage Stacker


I have a You Tube Channel with almost 2,000 subscribers and I do heat challenges from time to time on my Storage Auction channel. I LOVE spicy foods and enjoy the pepper community on You Tube.

I used to be a jackpot bowler many years ago, I went into Warehousing some time after that. Now retired, I buy storage units and do heat challenges and am building a community around Storage Auction buying and heat challenges.

I am 65 years old and I plan on being the oldest You Tuber in the world someday. I really hope you accept my video because I really went to the mat and worked up to that challenge.

I am in Louisville Kentucky. I go by Sarcastic Storage Stacker and I hope you subscribe and accept my video. I plan on doing more.

My real name is Mark Minogue. Thank you very much.

From – Louisville, Kentucky, USA

Favourite Chilli – Habaneros but I like the hotter ones too like the Carolina Reaper


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