Ruthie ‘Reaper’ Booth


Apparently I ♥ Scorching The Hell Outa My Mouth.. 😂  It May Bring Some Absolute  Dreaded Aftermath on Some Challenges (Most Challenges), but It Also Brings A Great Satisfaction In Yourself! Pushing Your Limits isn’t Always Easy & Sometimes You Find Yourself Questioning Your Sanity.. 😂  Yet Somehow After All That Pain is Gone You Feel Proud & Ready For The Next Burn Session! Aside From Burning Up… I’m Happily Married To My Best Friend, Bill Booth 😊 We Love Our Family, BBQ’S, The Outdoors, Snow, Quading, & Shooting Big Guns!! At Home We Just Chill Out Like Everyone Else Watching TV/YouTube Cuddled Up On The Couch!  I Enjoy Gardening, Cooking, Canning, Photography, Boot’s, & Anything Camo!  As I Continue to Hopefully Gain More LOF Pts I Hope You All Will Enjoy My Video’s! Much Love & Respect To All Of You!! “KEEP IT HOT!!” 🔥 🔥 🔥

From – Olympia, WA, USA

Favourite Chilli – Hmmm Carolina Reaper 😇😊😈