Chris ‘Swell’ Sewell


G’day, ya bunch of chilli chompin’ CHAMPIONS!!

I’m Swell. West Aussie YouTube chilli reviewer, challenger and MC of chilli eating competitions. I enjoy the entire range of spicy products, mild to WILD!

I’m an admin of the Facebook group, Western Australia Chilli Seed Exchange, a 4000+ member West Aussie chilli lovers free seed exchange/swap social page. I’m also a HUGE supporter and promoter of the BEST community on the planet and aim to further spread the chilli word to any and all that listen!!

I’m yet to produce a chilli product but have a couple of superhot plants on the grow. I’m SUPER stoked to finally be on a League of FIRE table and look forward to many more challenges.

Keep chompin’ those CHILLIES, crew!!

From – Fremantle, Western Australia

Favourite Chilli – Pink Tiger