Aaron ‘TheCaperWay’ Jewells vs Rummy Bears Psycho Bears Challenge

Rummy Bears Psycho Bears

This Ghost Pepper infused Gummy Bear is for the serious SUPERHOT gummy bear lover who likes things hotter than hot.

  • Made using Extreme Ghost Pepper sauce with a little added Capsaicin Oleoresin to bring a unique flavour and KICK
  • The Psychos are ideal for hot food lovers but be sure to have a large glass of milk on hand.
  • This is not just a fun snack but an EXTREME Challenge Product. You have been warned!
  • Recommended ages: 18+
  • Keep away from Young Children and Elderly People
  • Consume at your own risk
  • Pack Contains 1 XXXL sized Rummy Bear

Check out the Rummy Bears Psycho Bears Challenge League Table.