Rummy Bears Psycho Bears Challenge

This Ghost Pepper infused Gummy Bear is for the serious SUPERHOT gummy bear lover who likes things hotter than hot.
  • Made using Extreme Ghost Pepper sauce with a little added Capsaicin Oleoresin to bring a unique flavour and KICK
  • The Psychos are ideal for hot food lovers but be sure to have a large glass of milk on hand.
  • This is not just a fun snack but an EXTREME Challenge Product. You have been warned!
  • Recommended ages: 18+
  • Keep away from Young Children and Elderly People
  • Consume at your own risk
  • Pack Contains 1 XXXL sized Rummy Bear

    The LOF Rules:-
    • No food or drink while attempting the challenge.
    • You must remain on camera at all times until the challenge is complete.
    • Read the SHORT disclaimer at found at the bottom of clearly into the camera.
    • The Psycho Bear must be opened from a SEALED packet on screen and remain on screen until fully consumed.
    • After consuming the Bear, show an empty mouth then begin a 3 minute afterburn.
    • If you remain on screen for the full 3 minutes without ‘ejecting’ the Bear you have completed the challenge.
    • You can now go for another Bear if you’re brave enough!
    LOF World Ranking Points:
    • 3 points for every Rummy Bears Psycho Bear eaten

    *Extra Bonus Points in ascending order for each consecutive Psycho Bear eaten in one sitting (observing the 3 min afterburn between each one):

    • 1 bonus point for the 2nd Psycho Bear eaten;
    • 2 bonus points for the 3rd Psycho Bear eaten;
    • 3 bonus points for the 4th Psycho Bear and so on


    • Rummy Bears PSYCHOS

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