Bunsters – HOT SAUCE – 8/10 Heat


  • Produced by: Bunsters – Perth, WA
  • At last! Bunsters original hot sauce is now available in the UK!
  • Gluten Free & GMO Free
  • Size: 236ml

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Bunsters Original recipe with hot heat to suit all chilli lovers. The trademark sauce full of fruity, savoury, salty and sweet notes. Birds eye chilli seamlessly melds with zesty oranges, rich tomatoes, sweet Goji berries and cheeky hints of garlic, onion, lime, ginger and fresh herbs to create a truly addictive sauce that complements any meal.

Ingredients: Vegetables [Red Peppers (Capsicums), Brown Onions, Carrots, Birds Eye Chillies, Garlic], Orange Juice, Tomatoes, Cilantro (Coriander), Apple Cider Vinegar, Goji Berries, Lime Juice, Coconut Sugar, Ginger, Himalayan Pink Salt, Potato Starch.