League Of Fire Tutorials #2 – Rummy Bears Reapers

19 Nov 2020 - Written By

The League Of Fire started out as a ranking system for people who had entered chilli eating contests and won.

Beware the bears!

Those contests would normally take place at festivals, with referees and spectators. They were all live events and consequently all the competitions were strictly officiated. Over the course of our first year, chilli-heads around the world started taking on brutal chilli challenges on-line, in front of a video camera and submitting these events to us here at the LOF.

What started out as a small community of fun loving people who enjoyed testing themselves against the burn has grown into a serious extreme sport. Basically, we take this very seriously now! So from now on, we are going to have to be stricter when reviewing the entries submitted into the League Of Fire!

Today we focus on the Rummy Bears Reapers Challenge. We do love this one as it helps to galvanise our global vibe. This challenge was created by an Irish guy named Dave Doran who lives and produces the Bears in Poland. Now, after just a few months, the Rummy Bears have developed a cult status among competitive chilli eaters worldwide.

Please watch the tutorial video created by a good friend of ours Giovanni ‘Fireman Jif’ D’Aguanno. This video focuses on the official Rummy Bears Reapers Challenge, but many of the instructions highlighted by Giovanni are relevant for many challenges.

Finally, we are phasing in a new rule that should be included for ALL future entries submitted to us. These challenges are REAL! Only the very bravest people can do most of them. Much like any extreme sport there are risks!

So from here on out if you are taking on a League Of Fire challenge, especially one of the tougher ones with the view of it being included in the relevant league table, you must first state on camera that you have read and understood our full disclaimer which can easily be found at leagueoffire.com/disclaimer.

You will need to read out the following statement, clearly into the camera:

“I, (state your full name to the camera), am over 18 years of age, of sound mind and have read & understood the Hot Sauce / Product Disclaimer on the League Of Fire website.
In summary, I accept that the League Of Fire, their suppliers and manufacturers will, under no circumstances, be responsible for, or liable for, any claims of injury or damage arising from me consuming this product or multiples thereof.
I acknowledge and agree to this fact without question.”

Or, if you’d prefer, in French:

“Je, (indiquez votre nom complet à la caméra), j’ai plus de 18 ans, je suis sain d’esprit et j’ai lu et compris la clause de non-responsabilité des Produits Hot Sauce sur le site de League Of Fire.
En résumé, j’accepte que la League Of Fire, ses fournisseurs et fabricants ne soient en aucun cas tenus responsable de toute réclamation pour blessure ou dommage découlant de ma consommation de leurs produits.
Je reconnais et j’accepte ce fait sans aucun doute.”

We understand that will take a bit of time for this to become the norm, but soon it will be a requirement to qualify and we reserve the right not to include challenges without it.

Many thanks to Fireman Jif for his tutorial video. There will be similar helpful videos coming from Jif and others soon.