Joe ‘Chilli Cuber’ Andrews vs L.O.F. Chug Challenge v3

The L.O.F. Chug Challenge v3

Expertly crafted by Stephen Dixon from Multi Award-Winning Hot Pods Chilli Products and using Fresh White Bhut Jolokia Chillies from Cornish Chillies this #chugchallenge will NOT be an easy task.

Put simply, an entrant endeavours to chug as many bottles of L.O.F. Chug Challenge v3 as they possibly can in one sitting without any food or other fluid!

There are 2 chug methods – “Hot Shots” (2 chugs from a clear glass with a 3 min burn time after each chug) or a “Turbo Chug” (downing the lot straight from the bottle with a 4 min burn time). More details about each method along with the L.O.F. points awarded can be found on the product page.

Check out the L.O.F. Chug Challenge v3 League Table.