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Chilli Fest a Asia Food Fest 2023 – THE PRAGUE PUNISHER

The 9th World Title Chilli-Eating Belt Match!

On Saturday, October 7th 2023 at Bruselská cesta – Výstaviště Praha Holešovice an extreme and brutal chilli pepper eating contest will take place! It will be a duel between two athletes who are known around the world for their ability to eat the hottest peppers available to mankind!

Earlier this year the undefeated World Chilli-Eating Champion UK Chilli Queen Shahina Waseem had to relinquish the World Title by the League of Fire – the governing body of competitive chilli-eating. Shahina could not attend the scheduled World Title event in Auckland, New Zealand in May 2023, but the show had to go on!

Enter Mike Jack, who was the Americas Regional Champion, who bravely defeated the Oceania Regional Champion to win the most prestigious accolade in this new extreme sport of chilli-eating – The World Title Belt! Now Mike Jack is the reigning League of Fire World Chilli Eating Champion, after having been the two-time League of Fire Americas Regional Belt Champion.

Mike is from Canada and has become known around the globe for competitive chilli-eating. Mike has also broken multiple Guinness World Records including “Fastest Time to Eat 50 Carolina Reaper Peppers” and “Most Ghost Peppers Eaten in Two Minutes”. He has a great following on different social media platforms. His brand is ‘Mike Jack Eats Heat’. Because of his talent for eating spicy food he has a television series in Canada and is set to feature in some more television shows in the future! He even has his own range of hot sauces!

His opponent in Prague? This will be Italian national hero and current League of Fire European Chilli Eating Champion Giancarlo Gasparotto. Giancarlo is fondly known as ‘Jack Pepper’. He is famous around the world in the chilli pepper community. He also has chilli products created in his honour and frequents festivals across Europe as a ‘Star Guest’. He organises Superhot Italian Championship all over Italy. People are always shocked by his unbelievable tolerance to capsaicin! It is like he can not feel pain!

Just to make this special event more interesting, the previous World Champion UK Chilli Queen will be the Guest Host. She is recognisable to the worldwide audience who will watch the event via livestream on League of Fire social media platforms. What better way for Shahina to watch the two champions in battle and prepare herself to take on the winner in 2024!



Czechia - Bruselská cesta - Výstaviště Praha Holešovice, Prague
Bruselská cesta - Výstaviště Praha Holešovice, Prague, Czechia