DPB-ADVENTURES vs Peanut Brutal Challenge

The Peanut Brutal Challenge

Made by the creators of the Death Nut Challenge & Tube of Terror, Blazing Foods started with an extremely tasty old-world peanut brittle recipe and amped up a few hundred notches for chili-head friends and heat-seekers across the globe. Using only the best available ingredients and premium super-hot peppers… whole fresh-cream butter, pure cane sugar, premium corn syrup, Virginia peanuts, baking soda, salt, spices AND the world’s hottest peppers (according to the Guinness Book) featuring the intense 7-Pot Primo pepper by top man Troy Primo!

3 progressively hotter bars for over 1/3 of a pound of the hottest Peanut Brittle on earth. Each 2-ounce bar has enough super-hot peppers to start a fire and each bar just keeps getting hotter as you progress through the challenge.


Check out the Peanut Brutal Challenge League Table.