Challenge Producer Agreement & Information

In order for League Of Fire (LOF) to provide a league table for a challenge producer there are some terms that need to be understood & followed.
  1. League tables are only available to companies / organisations that are registered as a food business (or equivalent) in their country and have public liability insurance for their products; documentation will need to be provided to LOF. We cannot create league tables for individuals or ‘hobbyists’.
  2. Your brand will be effectively sponsoring a league table and you will give an opportunity to showcase your product. Challenge producers generally experience a significant increase in sales as LOF ‘players’ try to make their mark and appear on that league table. There will be certain nominal fees associated for such a sponsorship which will enable League Of Fire to continue to grow and promote your challenge products & league tables.
  3. When the challenge is accepted by League of Fire (both parties agreeing on challenge details such as rules & points etc) there is a one-off fee of GBP£50 for creating your ‘Challenge Producer’ profile, setting up & launching the league table.
  4. After which you, as the producer, will be billed on the 1st day of each calendar month based on the number of challenge items that have been submitted to the league table the previous month. The fee for each submitted item is currently GBP£1 and is irrespective of the number of players or when the challenge took place. If a player has submitted multiples you will be billed for each item. There are no hidden or additional monthly fees – you will only be billed based on the league table submissions.
  5. All payments are taken securely & automatically through our Stripe payment system and Challenge Producers can check their statements/invoices & payment details via their profile. League Tables will remain live for a minimum of 12 months from date of launch. Non-payment of bills may result in the suspension of league table – the table will still be live, but submissions will be put on hold – and only reinstated once the account is settled.
  6. You must agree to send out (free of charge) at least 3 of the challenge items to a select number of LOF Players. This will be to determine the most suitable number of points that should be allocated for the challenge before the league table goes live.
  7. Challenge Producers can have as many league tables as they like – discounts are available for multiple tables launched together.
  8. The above terms are subject to amendments & updates – please check back once in a while.