Ashy boy ‘The Chilli Titan’ vs NEMESIS Bar Challenge

The NEMESIS Bar Challenge

Do you have what it takes to finish this challenge? NEMESIS is 4 x hotter than the MOAB! Here are the challenge rules:
  1. First and foremost no drink at all for the entire challenge.
  2. You got 2 minutes to nibble each square.
  3. You cannot start the next square until that time is up.
  4. Complete all 8 squares.

Willy Pete’s Chocolate Co. LLC is a US veteran owned, hand-crafted, small batch chocolate company. This is NEMESIS – it starts with delicious dark chocolate. Then add toffee bits and Carolina Reapers, then top it off with peanut butter infused with MORE REAPERS! Guaranteed to please the craziest chili-head’s palate.

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