The LOF 2020 UK Hot Sauce SUPER LEAGUE

In May 2020 the League Of Fire conducted it’s first ever HOT SAUCE Super League. There were 4 divisions categorised by the heat level of each participating hot sauce – MILD, MEDIUM, HOT & EXTRA / SUPER-HOT!

Each League Table had 20 ‘contenders’. Chilli Producers across the UK entered ONE of their sauces in each division.  Below you can see each hot sauce that entered in each division along with the FINAL League table rankings. Henceforth we can recognise and applaud a SUPER LEAGUE CHAMPION in each division!

People were asked to vote for their top 5 sauces in each division, consequently awarding points for each participating product (5 points for their 1st choice, 4 points for their 2nd choice etc). These points would  accumulate and place each sauce in their final position in the League Tables. We are only showing the Top 10 for each category.

We must emphasise that for each voter to have tasted each of these sauces would have been highly unlikely. Although we believe the taste of the sauces would have been an extremely important factor, this has also been a popularity contest to some extent. People may not have tried every sauce, but other factors may have led a voter to award points to a sauce, such as branding or reputation.

The ultimate and fundamental goal of the League Of Fire HOT SAUCE SUPER LEAGUE was to bring awareness to the producers who would have found business much more difficult with the constraints imposed by the global COVID-19 pandemic.

We hope and truly believe that this competition would have introduced new brands to potential customers and that people will be tempting to go out and try a new sauce that before they had not known about.

So, let us celebrate and congratulate the four CHAMPIONS below! We can not wait for the next HOT SAUCE SUPER LEAGUE and excitedly wait to see if these champions can defend their titles! Thank you to the HUNDREDS of voters who got involved and to the 20 producers who made this possible by entering their delightful products into this competition.

Category – MILD