The World’s Hottest Corn Chips Challenge & Hot Dang Show BITES Challenge L.O.F. Points Explained!

26 Feb 2020 - Written By
Chilli Head

We recently published an explanation of all the challenges to feature in the LOF so far and their respective LOF ranking points values.

This article will focus on two new challenges that were not established as LOF recognised challenges when the previous article was released. We will publish a ‘LOF Ranking Points Explained’ article with each challenge that we feature in the future from now on, so chilli-heads can understand how many points will be awarded for the challenge before they decide to undertake the challenge!

This article will focus on The World’s Hottest Corn Chips from the Chilli Seed Bank in Australia, and the Hot Damn Show BITES from Roger Trier in the USA.

1. The World’s Hottest Corn Chips Challenge

This is the LOF’s second SPEED challenge. You can find the rules just above the League Table >>> HERE <<<. The LOF is very determined to include chilli-heads from all over the world so this has been selected to encourage competitors ‘down-under’ to get involved and also gives them a cheaper option that is easier to source and has no shipping constraints for them! The extreme heat from infused Carolina Reapers, Scorpions & Ghost Peppers combined with the crunchy dryness of the corn chips makes this is by no means an easy task!

LOF World Ranking Points:

  • 3 points when completed in 2 minutes 30 seconds or LESS 
  • 2 points when completed in MORE than 2 minutes 30 seconds
2. Hot Damn Show BITES Challenge

What is it about chilli and chocolate? That sweetness combined with pleasurable pain? This is the second chocolate challenge to feature and has been deemed that chilli-heads of various levels of tolerance can participate in. The rules must be complied with as it is quite easy to misunderstand them, you can see the rules in the video below and above the League Table >>> HERE <<<. We have offered ranking points for ‘misunderstood’ rules also.

This challenge can be considered ‘milder’ than the MOAB – there not as much weight, but it is not a timed challenge. There are bonus points for consuming multiple boxes of ‘BITES’ in one sitting, but no liquid or food relief can be taken in between each box to acquire them. Also, please remember that chocolate is high in calories so make sure you hit the gym afterwards!

LOF World Ranking Points:

  • 3 points per box of ‘BITES’
  • 2 points per box of ‘BITES’ completed with misunderstood rules

*Extra Bonus Points in ascending order for each consecutive box of ‘BITES’ eaten in one sitting:

  • 1 bonus point for the 2nd box of ‘BITES’;
  • 2 bonus points for the 3rd box of ‘BITES’;
  • 3 bonus points for the 4th box of ‘BITES’ and so on