The Spoonfuls of Terror Chilli Challenge – An Introduction!

26 March 2020 - Written By
Chilli Head

On Saturday April 4th 2020, live on Roger Trier’s Hot Dang Show YouTube Channel, the world will see a challenge the likes of which has never been seen before. 8 well known chilli-heads will compete against each other in the Spoonfuls of Terror challenge!

If you are reading this, you have probably been following the League Of Fire (LOF) for the last half a year or so. Consequently you will know what a Tube of Terror is. Just in case you are completely new to the world of competitive chilli eating, the Tube of Terror is the TOUGHEST chilli peanut challenge in the WORLD!

Produced in partnership with Johnny Scoville, the Tube of Terror is manufactured by the creators of the Death Nut Challenge, Blazing Foods in Charlotte, North Carolina, USA. The tube is similar to what you may find a Corona Grande cigar in and each one contains 1.5 ounces – around 43 grams – of insanely hot peanuts.

These nuts are jumbo Virginia peanuts, glazed and encrusted in a crazy amalgamation of pure sugar cane, Carolina Reapers, other peppers (Ghost, Chocolate Bhutlah, 7 Pot Brain Strain, 7 Pot Douglah & Moruga Scorpion – all of which are one million+ plus scoville heat units), sea salt & 13 MILLION CAPSAICIN CRYSTALS and then a bit of spice to finish them off!

Anybody crazy enough to accept this challenge has 10 minutes to finish the contents of the Tube with no other food or liquid relief, eating 1 or 2 nuts at a time. After the 10 minutes are up, regardless of how quickly the nuts were eaten during this time, there is a 5 minute burn time to endure. So the challenge lasts 15 minutes in total!

Every time somebody successfully completes the challenge and can prove they have done so, the LOF awards them 7 world ranking points. This is a lot of points, but this is a crazy & difficult challenge and many people fail! Sometimes people misunderstand the rules slightly, eat the contents of the Tube then start the burn time after their last peanut. The LOF still awards 5 points for anybody who does that, because they still deserve recognition for this mind boggling challenge!

Currently, at the time of writing the world famous Atomik Menace holds the world record of 6 Tubes eaten in one sitting, with no pain relief between tubes. On April 4th, each competitor will have TEN Tubes at their disposal. The idea is to discover who can eat the most… Surely nobody can eat 10 Tubes back-to-back, can they?

Between now and the contest we will publish a profile piece about each contestant taking part in this crazy challenge so we can try to predict how each person will do. Oh, and let us not forget another really exciting aspect to this event – it will be hosted by none other than the world famous ex WWE wrestler and enthusiastic chilli lover RYBACK! We will write a little bit more about him in the days to come also!

So watch out for a new blog every day from now as we introduce you all to the 8 crazy humans who will battle each other in the Spoonfuls Of Terror challenge on April 4th.

The first person we’ll write about is Mike Jack from ‘Mike Jack’s Hot Reviews’. Do not miss this blog as it will explain why this challenge came about in the first place and why Mike has such a big heart!