Death Nut Challenge Version 3.0

You asked for it so Blazing Foods delivered.

New peppers, improved flavor variations, triple the peanuts, and a totally new Level 5 Deathnut! The Deathnut is made with a new super-hot pepper distillate that is spray-dried into a powder form delivering a whopping 16,000,000 Scoville Heat Units.

Each level starts with a base peanut made using a dose of Carolina Reaper to establish consistent flavor and heat. Then 5 additional steps were performed to make each level unique and progressively hotter with a load of the world’s hottest peppers. All small-batch and handcrafted to ensure consistency and quality.

  • Level 1 – Datil Peppers & West Indes Scotch Bonnet
  • Level 2 – Ghost Peppers & 7-Pot Brain Strain
  • Level 3 – Double shot of Ghost Peppers & 7-Pot Douglah
  • Level 4 – Double shot of Carolina Reaper Peppers, a double shot of 7-Pot Brain Strain & Trinidad Moruga Scorpion Peppers
  • Level 5 – Triple shot of Carolina Reaper Peppers, a double shot of Trinidad Moruga Scorpion Peppers, the explosive 7-Pot Primo Pepper, and our all-new 16 million Scoville Capsaicin Crystals
The Rules:-
  • OR 2 Players can play with the same UNOPENED box.
  • No food or drink while attempting the challenge.
  • You and the item/s must remain on camera at all times until the challenge is complete.
  • Read the SHORT disclaimer at found at the bottom of clearly into the camera.
  • No liquids or food allowed until completion.
  • Start at Level 1 – Open bag with scissors.
  • Evenly distribute if 2 Players are playing.
  • Chew entire contents of each level for 10 seconds.
  • Wait 30 seconds before advancing to the next level.
  • After consuming Level 5 (The Death Nut) you must endure the burn for 5 minutes to complete the challenge.
  • You can now go for another Box if you’re brave enough!
LOF World Ranking Points:
  • 1 Player – 9 LOF points for every FULL box of Death Nut Challenge v3.0 consumed.
  • 2 Players – 4 LOF points per player for every HALF box consumed.

*Extra Bonus Points in ascending order for each consecutive box of Death Nut Challenge v3.0 eaten in one sitting (observing the 5 min afterburn between each one):

  • 1 Player – 2 bonus points for the 2nd FULL box consumed;
  • 1 Player – 4 bonus points for the 3rd FULL box consumed;
  • 1 Player – 6 bonus points for the 4th FULL box consumed and so on
  • 2 Players – 1 bonus point for the 2nd HALF box consumed;
  • 2 Players – 2 bonus points for the 3rd HALF box consumed;
  • 2 Players – 3 bonus points for the 4th HALF box consumed and so on
Additional rules effective from 15 March 2023:
  • No spitting or drooling – if you’re producing saliva, make sure you swallow it!
  • No waiting in excess of 1 minute after burn time during back-to-back challenges.
  • No covering of mouth with tissue/napkin or some such. Wiping of face, nose, and/or mouth is acceptable.
Position Name # Boxes Consumed #Additional Attempts # Total Points
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