Phil ‘Everything Spicy’ Patterson


I’m Phil from Everything Spicy. I’ve been doing Spicy challenges for over a year now. I’ve challenged myself at every level. I was among the first 5 people to complete the Nemesis chocolate bar. I’ve done the CCN and Blumloco’s Satans please twice. My most recent challenge was The Screaming Eagle Challenge. 21 Carolina Reapers in under 5 Min.

I consider myself to be a well about average Chilihead. Once the reapers I grew were ripe I was eating reapers everyday for about 3 months. I’ve raised money for charity with my YouTube channel for Mission 22, Tescticular Cancer, Breast Cancer and Ovarian Cancer. I love supporting my fellow chiliheads and those who wish to become chiliheads. #KeepitSpicy

From – Lapeer, Michigan, USA

Favourite Chilli – Carolina Reaper – Go big or go home.