Kelly ‘Hot Pepper Boi’ Myers


So I’ve always enjoyed Spice. Tabasco and Crystal on Taco’s growing up. In my early 20’s I ate a Habanero. My 1st higher Scoville sauce I remember buying was Bull Snort “Fire in the Hole” Habanero based. We have a local guy that makes a Stupid Hot Salsa by “Casa De Jorge”.

That’s when things got kicked up a notch. I started going to Pepper Festivals and ordering exclusive sauces. My 1st Pepper contest was in 2019. I got Runner up. I started growing my own Peppers. In Sept 2021 I won my 1st contest in which I ate 18 peppers total. The final peppers near the end of the contest I ate a total of 5 Reapers and 2 Scorpions.

I enjoy Natural Heat for the most part. There are only a couple sauces with extracts I’ll get into. My favorite pepper is the Datil Pepper. Favorite Sauce line up is by Angry Goat. I enjoy the Festivals more than anything else. The hot pepper community is like no other. I’m here to make Noise. I hope to do more contest but defending my home town Pepper eating contest is my top priority.

From – Easton, Pa, USA

Favourite Chilli – Datil Pepper *Flavor,  Scorpion Pepper *Heat

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