Gary Concar



Gary From Cape Town, South Africa. Been into chillies the last 8 years or so, but only in the last 3 years been enjoying the super hots. This was my first chilli eating competition, so was very nervous and didn’t know what to expect. Great fun and enjoyed the competition.

Apart from growing chillies and making my sauce for my own consumption, I run a training centre for the international offshore oil and gas industry. Worked offshore for 20 years before opening my centre.

Very happily marring to Louise for the last 3 years. An amazing woman who stands by me though everything. She does try to discourage my wild side for my own safety, but hey, YOLO!

It is really an honour to be invited to this group of highly esteemed chilliheads! Not quite at your level yet, but we working on it!

Be blessed all.

From – Cape Town, South Africa

Favourite Chilli – Yellow Moruga Scorpion

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