Donnie ‘Chilimancer’ Cockrum


I am the Chilimancer, using the magickal powers of hot foods to create amazing memories.

I’ve been eating hot foods since I was a kid, however, I got really into sauces around 2007 when I discovered Blair’s line and Dave’s Insanity Sauces.  These were some of the hottest foods I’d ever tasted up to that point. I was amazed.  Those extract sauces started a frenzied adventure of trying all the new sauces I could get my hands on.

At this point, I’ve tried hundreds of kinds. I am always looking for new creative combinations of flavor!

This year I started making my own sauces and growing my own peppers.  The world of pod farmers is amazing.

I am the founding member of The Pod People – an online group of chiliheads and content creators dedicated to making the world a better place – one pod at a time.

From – Bethel, Ohio, USA

Favourite Chilli – Scorpion