L.O.F. Reaper Challenge League Table

After popular demand and much deliberation, we have introduced a new league to add to our portfolio and this is The L.O.F. Reaper Challenge – No. of Carolina Reapers Eaten in One Sitting.

To make it official and to remove any doubt of any camera trickery as well as to safeguard the person undertaking the challenge against possible injury, we will only be able to accept Reaper-eating challenges undertaken at an official event or somewhere with at least two chilli community officials present to witness the challenge from start to finish to authenticate as well as to ensure the safety of the person undertaking the challenge – these could be chilli growers, sauce producers, or any other well-regarded and responsible persons within the chilli community.

This is to make sure everything is done correctly, safely and responsibly. We don’t want people to go overboard and risk injury and so the point of having witnesses/judges there will also serve as a preventative measure alongside authenticity.

If you wish to undertake a Reaper-eating challenge to get on our league, please contact us in advance with the details of when and where and if not at an official event then the names and credentials of the witnesses who will be present must be provided so we are able to check that your prospective challenge will qualify for entry into the L.O.F. and check all the information supplied before sanctioning your challenge.

It is your responsibility to read and adhere to all the guidelines outlined in our rule set for The L.O.F. Reaper Challenge. We will not be able to accept any Reaper-eating challenges undertaken on and from 11th November 2019 unless they follow our rules strictly. For example you will need to weigh the Reapers (plus stalks) before the challenge and then the remaining stalks afterwards. You will also need to keep a record of the time taken to complete the challenge.

LOF World Ranking Points:
  • 2 points for every 5 Reapers between 0 – 100
  • 3 points for every additional 5 Reapers between 100 – 150
  • 4 points for every additional 5 Reapers between 150 – 200

*Total available points for this challenge is 110 with a maximum consumption of 200 Carolina Reapers. Any more than this would not be counted and no additional points would be awarded.