Regular Chilli Eating Contest Winners

As long as the contest is officiated and there are 4 or more people taking part and the contest follows roughly the format we have outlined in our League Of Fire Guidelines for Chilli-Eating Contests, then respect is granted to the winner! It is the co-founders and representatives of the League Of Fire who reserve the right to include or not include a contest into the League Of Fire Rankings.

We want to include each and every winner on this website, immortalised for all eternity as a Chilli-Eating Champion.

For years now, across the counties, countries and continents, people have been competing in fierce fiery competitions known as Chilli-Eating Contests!

The various hosts of these contests tend to adhere to a very similar set of rules: there will always be many rounds, you will always start with mild chilli pods, sauces or edible products and gradually advance through the rounds, with the heat level of the food increasing more and more until the pain becomes unbearable. Most often, the contest will consist of mainly fresh chilli pods and some dried pods. Sometimes there will be a spoonful of a hot sauce or two.

Very rarely the organisers may include an extra hot chicken wing or a shot of chilli infused vodka! But one thing tends to remain constant: no liquid relief is to be consumed during the entirety of the contest. And no vomiting or cheating! Each chilli or sauce or whatever the round offers, whatever it may be, it must be finished completely; if it is a chilli pepper, it should be eaten all the way to the stalk!

LOF World Ranking Points:
  • 10 points for a WIN
  • 7 points for a WIN (Online Chilli Eating Contests)
Position Name # Wins Duels Won Drawn Lost # Total Points
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